Voluptuous Vining
When: Saturday & Sunday, January 20th and 21st
Where: Village Corner Restaurant
Stone Mountain, GA
Time: 9am to 5:30pm
Cost: $85

Costs of workshops are GENERALLY: $85.00 for a two-day workshop; $45.00 for a one-day workshop, or as listed. As space is limited, non-members may take a workshop for an additional $20.00 fee ($105/$64 total) if there is space. Checks should be made payable to “Friends of the Alphabet”. Deposit is non-refundable unless the work shop does not make quota. Only a sign up with deposit will hold your place for the weekend.


To register for a workshop, give or send your registration form and non-refundable $45.00 deposit to hold your space to:
Hilde Friese
6655 Memorial Drive/James B. Rivers Drive
Stone Mountain Georgia
[email protected]
(770) 413-0841

Terms and Conditions

  • Deadline for each workshop is the time by which time the form has to be filled out and mailed in with the non-refundable deposit. Deadlines will be posted for each individual workshop. These deadlines must be strictly observed.
  • The deposit for each workshop is $45 and is NON-REFUNDABLE except in cases where:
    • the workshop does not make quota
    • the workshop is overbooked
  • Prospective participants are not on the list unless deposit is paid and has been received by a workshop chairperson (Michael Smith or Hilde Friese)
  • Any persons wishing to attend a workshop for which they did not secure their deposit must check for late-availability status and pay an additional late fee – usually $20.
  • If enough participants to make the quota have not booked space and paid deposits by the deadline specified, the workshop WILL BE CANCELLED.