FOTA Shop and Annual Calligraphy Sale


Splayed your last pointed nib on envelope 300 of 400? Workshop’s tomorrow and your Speedball C won’t pass for a Mitchell 6?

In an effort to prevent our members from getting stuck without specific supplies, FOTA keeps a store of various dip pen nibs and other calligraphy equipment not available through local vendors. We have nibs for pointed pen, roundhand, and italic, as well as some practice pads, gum sandarac, centering rulers, and a number of other hard-to-find items. These items will be available at all FOTA meetings Sfor purchase before the program.

So don’t panic. Drop us a line or phone 404.389.0991. You might just get those invitations finished by Monday after all!


The FOTA Calligraphy Mall and White Elephant Boutique is held on the second Monday in March at our usual meeting spot, Trinity Methodist Church.

We offer vast number of fantastic calligraphy, paper art, and bookbinding titles, as well as a varied collection of tools, supplies and gifts chosen to thrill and amaze. We have the added benefit of special,feature product “endorsements” by some of our very own spokesmodels. Different “shops” with different products and member sale boutiques

Remember, when you buy your wish list at our guild sale, you get your kewl gear and FOTA receives a generous 10% from the supplier. So give that wallet a night on the town!!! Come to the March FOTA Sale and make us all happy!